Stora Harpö

Stora Harpö is our premium-quality box spring mattress. It features our patented Contour Pocket System, which offers a luxurious, nearly weightless sensation. Available in several sizes. Choose from 34 exclusive fabrics in beautiful colours.
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Length: 200 cm Width: 90 cm Height: 30 cm

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with Carpe Diem Beds’ premium-quality Stora Harpö box spring mattress. Stora Harpö is our exclusive box spring mattress combining two spring systems, designed for use in the bed frame of your choice.

Stora Harpö combines two spring systems

This mattress combines two unique spring systems, one of which is our patented Contour Pocket System. The pairing results in a luxurious, nearly weightless sensation for optimal comfort. Our patented Contour Pocket System acts at the surface of the bed, adapting to every contour of your body for the absolute best support – and complete relaxation. Deeper down in the mattress is our patented Visco Elastic Bottom Layer. Instead of your movements bouncing back and putting pressure on your body, the pressure is absorbed by the most loaded springs. This base promotes blood circulation, allowing you to sleep through the night undisturbed. The design and construction of the box spring mattress will maximise your chance of achieving the sweetest deep sleep.

Swedish-made box spring mattress

The Stora Harpö box spring mattress is available in soft, medium and firm models. Personalise your box spring mattress by choosing from Carpe Diem Beds’ 34 exclusive fabrics in many colours, all of which pair beautifully with the rest of our bedroom essentials.

We recommend using Stora Harpö with our Luxury Mattress Topper for the ultimate sleep experience.

Stora Harpö is hand-made in Sweden and Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. The fabrics are certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.