My Unwind with Jana Heinrici

My Unwind with Jana Heinrici

Posted by Carpe Diem Beds on 9th Feb 2021

Arijana Heinrici is a real power woman: an interior designer, project manager, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker based out of Uppsala, Sweden.

She balances her own interior design business with her social media channels, one of Sweden’s most popular interior blogs, a passion for traveling, and life as mother to her teenage daughter and very loved dog.


Arijana has newly renovated a turn-of-the-century apartment in central Uppsala and turned it into a beautiful oasis where she and her family can relax and enjoy quality time together.

Take a peak into her bedroom with us, where you will find lots of inspiration for how to create your own bedroom sanctuary.

Pictured here find Arijana's Skaftö bed in Glenville Oyster with matching Headboard Pillows and Reling Bed Legs in Brass.



"It has always been important for me to be able to switch off when I’m at home. I have so many projects going on and am always on the go, so it’s really important that I can come home and unwind.

My absolute favourite way to unwind is to take a long, hot shower and curl up in freshly washed sheets with a good book."


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