The frame beds from Carpe Diem Beds combine comfort with a high-quality feeling. Both our frame beds, Malö and Koster, are equipped with our patented Contour Pocket System and our pressure relieving Visco Elastic Bottom layer which contribute to a better sleep pattern. Design your own frame bed and choose the size, fabric and mattress firmness that you desire. Complete your design with our range of exclusive bed legs and stylish headboards. Koster and Malö are made by hand in Sweden with a focus on high quality craftmanship and sustainable practices.

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  • Koster


    Koster is our base model, with all the properties that characterise our beds - the fantastic conformability, the fine craftsmanship and our patented Carpe Diem Beds Contour Pocket System. Koster is hand made by our experienced craftspeople from the …
  • Malö


    Our most popular frame bed, Malö, has an extra-high spring system, which gives almost the same feeling you get from a continental bed, a feeling of being weightless. However you lie on Malö, the mattress will adapt to your body. It is the unique an…