Whether you’re sleeping, resting, contemplating or reading, an adjustable bed helps you find just the perfect position. Carpe Diem Beds’ three adjustable beds feature patented solutions that offer unrivalled ergonomic support. These beds can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. You can design your very own adjustable bed, customising it the way you like it. Vindö and Marstrand are made by hand in Sweden with a focus on superior quality and sustainable choices.

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  • Vindö


    Vindö is our next-generation adjustable bed. This adjustable bed combines a spectacular floating design with luxurious comfort. Customise Vindö based on your needs and design preferences. This bed is made by hand in Sweden.
  • Marstrand


    Marstrand is a premium adjustable bed with a timeless design. This exclusive bed has adjustable head and foot rests and extra lumbar support. Customise Marstrand based on your needs and preferences. This bed is made by hand in Sweden.
  • Saltö


    Our adjustable Saltö bed features all the proven techniques that make our beds so comfortable. You can always adjust the bed exactly as you want it, whether you are sitting up or lying down. And regardless how many times you change position, the bedwill follow your every movement.. Our patented Carpe Diem Beds Contour Pocket System and the double mattresses provide the best possible support and pressure relief for your body. Saltö also features a pleasant night light that can be turned on as n