Holme Marble Top

Black high-gloss marble top with a slight white veining cut to fit the Holme nightstands. Made of 20-millimetre thick natural stone.
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Length: 37 cm Width: 37 cm Height: 2 cm

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This natural black Holme marble top has been selected to perfectly match the Holme nightstands. The dramatic look of the marble, which features a discreet veining that is unique to each top, adds a luxurious touch to the Holme nightstands without losing the sleek and modern look of the ensemble.

The 20-millimetre thick marble top has been polished to a high gloss finish that creates an exquisite contrast to the matte finish of the Holme nightstands in black, chrome or brass steel base.

Read more about the care and maintenance of our marble top on our Terms and Conditions page.